Frequently Asked Questions


TopManager is a game where players can turn their gaming passion into real world assets. It will be a pvp football manager game where players build their dream team and compete in tournaments against other teams to earn epic tradeable rewards as well as our native $TMG token.

You can’t play TopManager yet. We are in our first stage of release where players can begin collecting rare NFT assets, and we’re currently working hard to  develop the game.

Of course! Players can play for free and earn token rewards as well as NFTs without spending any money. We are very excited by the ability for players to play and earn!

We are aiming to release the Top Manager game in Q4 2023.

No. We are designing the game so that it won’t be pay-to-win by ensuring that skill and strategy are core elements of the game. Spending money in TopManager will help you improve your team, take part in world tournaments and win bigger prices.

TopManager is using blockchain technology to allow you really own your in-game assets. Our native currency is an ERC-20 Token ($TMG) running on Polygon (Matic). The in-game assets will be unique ERC-721 Tokens (non-fungible tokens) and you will be able to trade them on Opensea Marketplace.

You can join our Discord channel where we post updates about the game as well as NFT airdrops, which you can claim for free!


You can trade players and other NFT assets on Opensea. There will be a presale round for early participants, but just for a limited time only. These will be exclusive assets that you will be able to use in the game and will never be sold again and will be able to earn $TMG tokens from staking. 

You will need a crypto wallet which you should connect to our website or Opensea, we recommend using Metamask, in order to mint our NFTs. This wallet is a secure place to store your digital items. Each wallet has a unique id that links your digital assets to you. They are completely free to set up and own.

Here, you will find an easy guide: Metamask wallet setup

You can purchase the $TMG token on QuickSwap. Copy the Token contract address: 0x6d89f0456838fDA7277f38bc6ecaC3975092d5d7

Later on you can earn  $TMG tokens by playing the game, staking NFTs and selling assets you have earned.


Need help?

We recommend joining our Discord and posting in the #support channel. Alternatively you can email us at


TopManager will be a fun and compelling game. We plan to have a combination of strategy and a dynamic trading economy metagame providing a social focused gameplay that will
keep players engaged for years.


There will be a deep and sustainable economy within TopManager where
players can play for free and earn both NFTs and tokens. Just like the real world economy, you can choose
how you want to specialise or play within Top Manager’s Economy.