What is TopManager ($TMG)?

TopManager is the first blockchain-based soccer metaverse.
Powered by a soccer manager Play-to-Earn game, every user can actively participate in different ways and earn rewards by their contributions to the ecosystem.
As owners, users will be able to find their own club and take care of the financial management, players & staff purchases/sales, facilities, and commercial agreements…
As managers, users will immerse themselves in the role of a soccer coach by managing a team, training players to reach their fullest potential and preparing the squad strategy…
The entire ecosystem is governed by a DAO where $TMG token holders will take part in future decisions.
There are multiple ways in which you can earn $TMG token with your contribution to the ecosystem. These are some of them:
Selling players who have been discovered by your scouts.
Getting sponsorship & merchandising income as your players gain popularity.
Winning matches (simulated according to statistics) against other users in the career mode, or against AI in the friendly mode.

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